Coats & jackets

Trendy, original coats and jackets from a Polish designer? You are at the place where you will reach for the best proposals in this area. Each jacket we offer, each of our coats, is a creation we have made with passion and love for fashion, people, and life. We have incorporated all this into our designs, creating jackets and coats that are unique and one of a kind.

Why are our women's coats and jackets fashionable? Because when creating, we are inspired by trends present in global fashion. Invariably, however, authenticity and the passion to create something unique remains key for us. That is why the jackets and coats you find here are unique. If you are interested in a jacket or coat from a Polish designer, take a closer look at our suggestions. We have created all of them with passion, for creative, courageous women. And therefore also for you.
Designer jacket, colourful coat

Our coats and jackets are bursting with colour. Energetic combinations, colour combinations inspired by the wealth of nature, the magic of big cities, the diversity of cultures. Plus our original designs, which you won't find anywhere else. Opt for colours and a colourful life. Get an original jacket or coat that will perfectly emphasise your colourful personality. Add a splash of colour to your everyday outfits. Our jackets and coats are perfect for this!

Coats and jackets by Polish designers
Colourful coat or colourful jacket? Whichever design you decide on, you are assured of an original design available in a limited edition. What's more, our jackets and coats perfectly combine beauty with functionality and comfort. In practice, this means:

- a cut and cut that ensures comfort and freedom of every movement,
- the use of perforated, breathable materials,
- the use of materials that are soft and pleasant to the touch, as well as robust and hard-wearing,
- jackets and coats that are insulated, rainproof and dedicated to the warmer seasons.